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Performant, resilient infrastructure for online gambling applications

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Data architecture for gambling applications | Cockroach Labs
The worlds of online gambling, sports betting, and eSports are among the fastest-growing industries on the planet. The online gambling market alone is expected to be worth more than $127 billion by 2027. (And that’s before it was legalized in New York in 2022.)

App developers across these hyper-growth sectors face a shared set of unique technical challenges":" Strict data regulation and compliance standards, massive and unpredictable spikes in user traffic, and stiff competition in the fight for user loyalty, just to name a few.

Luckily these challenges can be addressed at the data layer. This guide explains how.

Highlights from the guide:

How data domiciling helps with regulatory compliance

Why unplanned downtime = game over for gambling apps

Why low ping is everything in the world of eSports

Two production use cases for high-performing gambling applications

About The Book

This guide provides an overview of the most common challenges — and available solutions — facing application developers within the online gambling, sports betting, and eSports industries. As an introductory resource, the concepts, explanations, and use cases in this guide should be familiar and easily understood by a wide range of developers, regardless of experience level.