A podcast for architects and engineers who are building modern, data-intensive applications and systems.

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Unmesh Joshi

Discussing the Patterns of Distributed Systems with Unmesh Joshi

Unmesh Joshi

Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks and Author of Patterns of Distributed Systems

rob reid headshot LP 80x80

How to simplify your software architecture

Rob Reid

Technical Evangelist at Cockroach Labs

sachin joshi headshot LP 80x80

Behind the scenes with Vimeo’s Director of Enterprise Architecture

Sachin Joshi

Director of Enterprise Architecture at Vimeo

andrew sellers headshot LP 80x80

How to leverage real-time data processing for enterprises

Andrew Sellers

Head of Technology Strategy at Confluent

joshua prismon headshot LP 80x80

Inside the Mind of the Chief Architect at Index Exchange

Joshua Prismon

Chief Architect at Index Exchange

jp-grace-headshot lp 80x80

Solving for Scale: Real-time Retail Experiences with Endear's CTO

JP Grace


vlad-headshot lp 80x80

Data, Acquisitions, and AI: Insights from FiscalNote's CTO

Vlad Eidelman

CTO and Chief Scientist at FiscalNote

gajanan-headshot lp 80x80

Discussing Data Trends in the AI Era

Gajanan Chinchwadkar

CTO at Hypermode

alexis-moon-headshot lp 80x80

Unwrapping Moonpig: Architectural Insights into Personalization and Scalability

Alexis Lowe

Principal Engineer at Moonpig

madalina tansie headshot lp 80x80

Solving for data intelligence at scale

Madalina Tansie

Chief Technology Officer at Collibra

brian-johnson-headshot lp 80x80

Simplifying solutions architecture with Brian Johnson of Booz Allen Hamilton

Brian Johnson

Sr. Solutions Architect at Booz Allen Hamilton

rod-senra-headshot lp 80x80

How to make your applications smarter

Rod Senra

VP of Engineering at Loadsmart

majid-headshot lp 80x80

Scaling for 2 billion events per day with Principal Software Engineer at Red Ventures

Majid Fatemian

Principal Software Engineer, Data Platform at Red Ventures

mike-hurwitz-headshot lp 80x80

The data behind digital marketing: A conversation with Bluecore’s Software Architect

Mike Hurwitz

Software Architect at Bluecore

jordan-thoms-headshot lp 80x80

A Lesson in Scaling: How Kami handled 25x growth with CTO and Co-Founder Jordan Thoms

Jordan Thoms

CTO & Co-Founder at Kami

erol-kavas-headshot lp 80x80

Mastering Multi-Cloud with PwC’s Erol Kavas

Erol Kavas

Director at PwC Canada

matt-bowman-headshot lp 80x80

From FedEx to Five Guys: Designing digital experiences with Yext’s VP of Software Engineering

Matt Bowman

VP of Software Engineering at Yext

mike-gordon-headshot lp 80x80

Reliability and scalability in a data-driven world with Fivetran’s VP of Platform Engineering

Mike Gordon

VP of Platform Engineering at Fivetran

shadi-headshot lp 80x80

Enabling a data-driven and innovative engineering culture at Amplitude

Shadi Rostami

SVP of Engineering at Amplitude

meg-adams-headshot lp 80x80

How Estée Lauder scales strong engineering culture

Meg Adams

Executive Director of Platform Engineering at Estée Lauder

akshay-headshot lp 80x80

Can I take your order? Building conversational AI to improve the customer experience

Akshay Kayastha

Senior Engineering Manager at ConverseNow

marianne-headshot lp 80x80

Engineering resilient systems: Rescuing old treasures and unleashing modern capabilities

Marianne Bellotti

Author, Engineering Leader, Systems Geek

sidd-headshot lp 80x80

The Full Package: How Route architects its all-in-one post-purchase platform

Siddhartha Sandhu

Engineering Manager at Route

mike-willbanks-headshot lp 80x80

A historical journey in developer technologies

Mike Willbanks

CTO at Spark Labs

kishore-headshot lp 80x80

From Legacy to Cloud: Success stories from migrating mission-critical applications

Kishore Koduri

Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture at Ameren

jason-valentino-headshot lp 80x80

Building purpose-driven engineering cultures

Jason Valentino

Head of Engineering Enablement at BNY Mellon

mike-murphy-headshot lp 80x80

Modernizing Insurance Application Architecture at New York Life

Mike Murphy

Corporate Vice President and Life Insurance Domain Architect at New York Life

arjun headshot LP 80x80

Innovation and Disruption: How Materialize pioneered a new era in data streaming

Arjun Narayan

Co-Founder and CEO at Materialize

hans-knecht-headshot lp 80x80

Stories from an SRE: How Hans Knecht builds better developer experiences

Hans Knecht

Cloud Consultant at Knechtions Consulting (Ex: Capital One; Ex: Mission Lane)

brian-chambers-headshot lp 80x80

Inside Chick-fil-A’s infrastructure recipe for a perfect customer experience

Brian Chambers

Chief Architect at Chick-fil-A Corporate


Modernizing from the Mainframe: An Exploration of Distributed Systems

Chris Stura

Director, PwC UK

grant-muller-headshot lp 80x80

IoT Standards & Data Mesh: Utility Facility App Architecture

Grant Muller

Vice President, Applications and Technology Architecture at Xylem

mattias-headshot lp 80x80

Relational Data Problems: Doubble Dating Application Architecture

Mattias Siø Fjellvang

CTO & Co-Founder at Doubble

adam-koch-headshot lp 80x80

From Legacy Systems to Limitless Scaling with Paycor’s Systems Engineering Fellow

Adam Koch

Systems Engineering Fellow at Paycor

joe lynch headshot 206x206

How to Understand Problems & Build Better Software with Technical Leader Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch

Technical Leader

yolanda davis headshot 206x206

Observability in the Cloud & Dataflow Modifications with Yolanda Davis from Cloudera

Yolanda Davis

Principal Software Engineer, Data Flow Operations

peter mattis headshot LP 80x80

Early Days at Google & Building CockroachDB with Peter Mattis

Peter Mattis

Co-Founder and CTO of Cockroach Labs

andy pavlo headshot LP 80x80

Database Benchmarking Efficiency with OtterTune’s Andy Pavlo

Andy Pavlo

Associate Professor of Databaseology at Carnegie Mellon and Co-Founder at OtterTune

Dan Goldin headshot LP 80x80

Observability & Statelessness with TripleLift’s Chief Architect

Dan Goldin

Chief Architect at TripleLift

Stephen Blum headshot LP 80x80

Understanding AI: PubNub CTO Stephen Blum’s Key to Faster App Development

Stephen Blum


Matt Ranney

Building reliable systems with DoorDash's Matt Ranney

Matt Ranney



Real-Time Data Capturing: The Future of Fitness Technology

Paul Lawler

Head of Software at Wahoo Fitness

Gregg Mojica headshot LP 80x80

Building Efficient App Architecture with Alloy Automation’s Gregg Mojica

Gregg Mojica

Co-Founder and CTO Alloy Automation

Mike Boufford

Unleashing the Power of Hiring Software with Greenhouse CTO Mike Boufford

Mike Boufford

CTO at Greenhouse Software


Decoding Data Warehousing: Insights from Ken Pickering, SVP of Engineering at Starburst Data

Ken Pickering

Senior Vice President of Engineering, at Starburst Data

Big Ideas in App Architecture

A podcast for architects and engineers who are building modern, data-intensive applications and systems. In each weekly episode, an innovator joins host David Joy to share useful insights from their experiences building reliable, scalable, maintainable systems.


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