Enable a fully-managed experience while enhancing security and compliance

Multi-region cloud clusters are highly available, backed by an industry-leading SLA of up to 99.999% 

Get started right away with serverless and dedicated hardware

  • Use Folders to setup roles and permissions for teams & enable DBaaS

  • Increase security controls with GCP Private Service Connect 

  • Prometheus-compatible metric endpoint to enable advanced  observability with industry leading monitoring tools 

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Streamline application development with improved SQL compatibility

Now it's easier to migrate from traditional RDBMS to CockroachDB as part of your modernization initiative. 

Easier migrations with support for stored procedures and read committed (now in GA)

  • Leverage new support offered for PL/pgSQL and user-defined functions 

  • Migrate high-concurrency PostgreSQL applications without having to add additional error checking 

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Enable database migration with MOLT Fetch (now GA)

  • Automates importing of data from a source database into CockroachDB  

  • Supports, CockroachDB, CockroachDB Cloud,  PostgreSQL, and MySQL 

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Quickly stream data from CockroachDB to downstream pipeline and analytic systems

  • Support for CDC Pubsub for GCP 

  • Support for Azure Event Hub 

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Improve the resilience of your existing infrastructure

Create a defense-in-depth approach to avoid potential human error and support business continuity goals.

Organizations with 2 data centers can survive full cluster failures with Physical Cluster Replication (PCR)

  • Create an exact, constantly updating replica of a primary cluster 

  • Measure RPO in seconds and RTO in minutes  rather than hours, includes fast cutback

  • Improve resiliency without incurring a cross-region write-latency hit 

  • Quickly revert to initial deployment configurations with fast cutback 

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What’s new in CockroachDB 24.1

99.999% availability, enhanced observability, easier migrations & improved resilience

1 PM ET | June 18th, 2024

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