Challenges with complex architectures

Lack of agility

Adding new revenue generating capabilities requires coordinating across a complex web of teams/services. 

High costs

Multiple software services waste storage, network, and compute resources as well as engineering time.

Risk of downtime

Complex runbooks for disaster recovery force ops teams to stretch their time and expertise across many transactional systems.

How to reduce infrastructure complexity with CockroachDB

Consolidate workloads on a distributed SQL database that’s built for modern application development. CockroachDB takes care of the complexity in a single database layer, so it no longer needs to live within the application layer or require multiple databases. 

Database maintenance

Changes are made to a staging database before being promoted to production. This creates complexity when it comes to updates/rollbacks, and downtime is necessary for cutover.  

Use a database that allows changes to be performed directly with zero downtime. This enables simpler and safer upgrades/rollbacks with guaranteed data consistency and application availability.

Read/write segregation

Numerous databases each perform a different task which increases operational complexity and creates high software/hardware costs. Databases can become out-of-sync and lead to inconsistencies with no unified view of all your data.

Consolidate your databases with a single logical solution that delivers the capabilities of numerous databases. Not only do you maintain data consistency, but you lower complexity and costs.