Why modernize with CockroachDB?

Agility and flexibility

Build on a cloud-native infrastructure to quickly adapt to market changes and customer requests 

Time and money

Reduce operational and capital expenses associated with mainframe hardware and specialized personnel 

Scale and resilience

Achieve automated, horizontal scale (up and down) with enhanced disaster recovery capabilities

Global scale, access, and efficiency of the cloud

CockroachDB is a cloud-native, distributed SQL database that’s built to support modern application development in the cloud while delivering a secure and reliable environment that you can trust with your critical workloads. 


Distributed SQL

Architecture Monolithic design Supports microservices and modular design
Infrastructure Proprietary hardware, on-premise Cloud-based platform, on–premise or hybrid
Processing type Batch processing oriented, tools available to stream as source and sink Real-time processing
Reliability High reliability & security High reliability & security across environments (on-premise and in the cloud)
Disaster recovery Manually add data centers for redundancy Automatic resiliency across data centers (zero RPO)
Scalability Manual scale, need to plan capacity in advance Automated scale, scale up and back down as needed
Programing languages Legacy languages (e.g., COBOL, FORTRAN), Java, Python, etc. Contemporary languages (e.g. Python, Java, etc.)
Transactional consistency Serializable, guaranteed consistent Serializable, guaranteed consistent
Vendor lock-in Proprietary systems with vendor lock-in Cloud-native system, no vendor lock-in
Required skills Specialized and trained personnel Familiar with PostgreSQL
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CockroachDB for modern application development


Build apps that integrate with modern technologies (web interfaces, mobile, IoT, AI/ML)


Accommodate requirements for cloud elasticity, large data volumes, and variable processing needs

Spikes in scale

Adapt to apps experiencing variable or growing demand that benefit from a scale up/down infrastructure