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How Authzed Built an OSS, Zanzibar-Inspired Permissions Database

Published Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

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“IAM is great!” said nobody ever. Building an application and authorizing access to it has become more challenging as the landscape of SaaS, cloud infra, and enterprise permissions systems have become more complex.

In this livestream with Jacob Moshenko, co-founder of Authzed, we’re going to discuss the problem that Google addressed with Zanzibar and how Authzed is doing the same with open-source SpiceDB.

Zanzibar uses Google Spanner so it made sense for the open source version of Zanzibar to use CockroachDB. Here are a few of the database challenges that Authzed addresses with CockroachDB:

  • Globally distributed highly available data with bounded consistency
  • Global ACID transactions 
  • Point in time queries (AS OF SYSTEM TIME)

This is going to be a free-flowing, nerd-sniping conversation in which the audience is encouraged to participate. So bring all your ACID, HA, and IAM questions for Jim and Jake to answer!


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
Principal Product Evangelist
Cockroach Labs
Jacob Moshenko
Jacob Moshenko
Co-Founder and CEO

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