Case study: Going cloud-native across clouds with Form3  image

Case study: Going cloud-native across clouds with Form3

Published Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022

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Form3 is a cloud-native payments platform that is re-imagining this function using modern tech to not only be more efficient but to also deliver a singular, multi-cloud service.

In this session, Kevin Holdtich, the Head of Platforms at Form3 will join to talk about multi-cloud and how they have designed and migrated to a singular service that can survive the outage of not just a region, but an entire cloud provider. We’ll talk about their motivation to complete this work and some of the challenges of a (unique) heterogeneous cloud environment. 

Some of the points we will cover include:

  • Why and when to consider a multi-cloud environment 
  • Migration to multi-cloud through phases
  • The challenges of networking and security in multi-cloud 
  • The challenges of data across cloud providers
  • A ‘real-world” set of best practices and lessons learned for deploying cloud-native tech


Kevin Holditch
Kevin Holditch
Head of Platform Engineering


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