Cockroach Labs Presents - Gametech Happy Hour: Tequila Edition image

Cockroach Labs Presents - Gametech Happy Hour: Tequila Edition

Published Thursday, Jan 27, 2022

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The gaming industry is all about delivering a great end-user experience and building a loyal customer base. However, user generated content can create unpredictable workloads and impact the performance of the game. How can you reach millions of gamers across the globe if your application isn’t built to support the traffic? Please join us, in collaboration with our partners at AWS GameTech, for a tequila tasting event where we will discuss this topic and more with your peers: 

  • Handling in-app transactions in real time 
  • Supporting high volumes of concurrent players w/o impacting performance
  • Managing heavy read AND write workloads 
  • Preparing for unpredictable, large spikes in traffic 
  • Serving a global gamer base while maintaining compliance

Throughout this casual event, we’ll also learn quite a bit about tequila. A tequila expert, from the Encore in Las Vegas, will guide us through several different flavor profiles, while educating us on how to evaluate the differences in taste and nose. 

This should be a great opportunity to connect with your peers from various gaming companies and take part in a fun, yet valuable conversation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please register by January 13th, so that we can ship your tequila for the tasting in time. US Only. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


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