Cockroach Labs & Red Hat Presents: Financial Services Happy Hour: Whiskey Edition image

Cockroach Labs & Red Hat Presents: Financial Services Happy Hour: Whiskey Edition

Published Thursday, Jul 15, 2021

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IT Automation has allowed many in the financial services industry to efficiently scale so they can better serve customers, open new markets, adjust to industry dynamics and deliver business innovation faster. 

But how are we doing this?  What are the technologies and methodologies that are enabling these mass efficiencies? Please join us for a whiskey tasting event where we will discuss these items and more with your peers.

  • How to take advantage of a modern application platform to obtain a single control plane that continually adapts and utilizes updated technology
  • How to streamline the change management process
  • How to reskill teams with innovative tools 
  • How our data has changed and how always-on and global availability has been simplified

Throughout this casual event, we’ll also learn a bit about whiskey. A whiskey sommelier, from the Encore in Las Vegas, will guide us through several different whiskey flavor profiles, while educating us on how to evaluate the differences in taste and nose. 

This should be a great opportunity to connect with your peers from various financial services and take part in a fun, yet valuable conversation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please register by June 30, so that we can ship your whiskey kit in time.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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