Everything Fails: Surviving database disasters and planned downtime image

Everything Fails: Surviving database disasters and planned downtime

Published Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021

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CockroachDB is helping define the future of the database and its unique architecture delivers some key innovations that may not only provide value for your applications but might also give you insight into the challenges/solutions in distributed systems.

All applications fail at some point.  It is unavoidable. Over the past few decades, we’ve employed techniques to limit the impact of these moments through complex and costly active/passive backup strategies. There has to be a better way.

In this talk, we will walk through the concept of an active-active, always-on database that is rooted in the fundamental principles of distributed systems. We will cover topics such as:

  • The costly impacts of database downtime
  • RTO/RPO and what these key terms mean
  • Limitations of active/passive strategies
  • Distributed SQL and active-active data


Tim Veil
Tim Veil
Cockroach Labs
Heads of Solutions Engineering

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