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Distributed SQL and Cloud-Native Apps in the Public Sector

Published Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019

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We often get asked, “why another database”? Between NoSQL and traditional relational stores, aren’t we covered? In reality, the world is moving to the cloud and distributed services, and there needs to be a relational database that fits this new environment. This approach is called Distributed SQL.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through the what and why of Distributed SQL, and give you real-world examples of how organizations are using this new approach to simplify cloud applications and get reliable, global access to their data.
We’ll walk through:
  • A high-level architecture of a distributed database
  • How organizations use Distributed SQL
  • Why and where you should consider Distributed SQL instead of traditional databases and NoSQL
  • How Distributed SQL fits with microservices and Kubernetes
  • How Distributed SQL makes your applications portable across clouds (multi-cloud) and between on-prem and clouds (hybrid cloud)


Keith McClellan
Keith McClellan
Public Sector Solutions Engineering
Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing


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