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Cloud-native SQL for Cloud Pak for Data

Published Thursday, Apr 30, 2020

Hosted by IBM

Cloud Pak for Data is a hybrid-cloud data and AI platform that offers a new way to solve fundamental business challenges. Through an ecosystem of modular services it provides critical capabilities across the full analytics life-cycle. 

Architected for Kubernetes and RedHat OpensShift, CockroachDB on Cloud Pak for Data delivers the modern database that cloud-native applications demand. Whether you are building a simple application or redefining a global system, CockroachDB can help you effortlessly scale and deploy bulletproof, always-on resilient databases for transactional workloads.
Please join IBM and Cockroach Labs to learn why leading organizations are using Distributed SQL to:
  • Get up-and-running quickly with an always-on, active-active SQL database that doesn’t require extra resources to be resilient.
  • Effortlessly scale and eliminate complexity with a standard, developer-friendly SQL database.
  • Improve user experience and comply with privacy legislation by allowing the database to tie data to locations
  • Use standard, developer-friendly SQL but gain effortless scale and remove the complexity of manual sharding your database
  • How you can get started in moments with CockroachDB and Cloud Pak for data
Webinar series co-sponsored by Intel 


Jim Walker
Jim Walker
VP of Product Marketing
Cockroach Labs
Nick Dimtchev
Nick Dimtchev
Business Unit Executive

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