A database architected and built for Kubernetes

A distributed SQL database built for Kubernetes

CockroachDB is the only database architected and built from the ground up to deliver on the core distributed principles of atomicity, scale and survival so you can manage your database IN Kubernetes, not along the side of it.

Using StatefulSets, CockroachDB is a natural for deployment within a Kubernetes cluster. Simply attach storage however you like and CockroachDB handles distribution of data across nodes and will survive any failure.

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CockroachDB on Kubernetes

Pod Failures

CockroachDB replicates data & automates placement across pods so you can survive failures & avoid downtime

with ease

Each instance of CockroachDB is the same, allowing you to spin up new instances and scale without manual work

with operator

The CockroachDB operator simplifies basic configuration and enables you to patch & roll upgrades in production

No downtime upgrades, patches & schema changes

As a distributed database, CockroachDB allows you to roll software updates, patches, and schema modifications to each node, one at a time without service disruption. And with our Kubernetes Operator, we’ve made managing these changes even easier.

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Don’t federate clusters, distribute data

CockroachDB combines the familiarity of relational data with limitless cloud scale, allowing you to deploy a single logical database across multiple regions and still guarantee transactional consistency

Multi-master, Guaranteed transactions

Break free from manual sharding and complex workarounds. CockroachDB dramatically simplifies scaling applications. Expand with simple, familiar SQL DML.

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Multi-region, Multi-cluster

CockroachDB can be deployed across multiple Kubernetes clusters and function like a single logical database, eliminating the need to federate clusters.

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Multi-region, Multi-cluster

The CockroachDB Kubernetes Operator

While CockroachDB doesn't need an operator for many of its fundamental capabilities, there are some areas an operator can help and we’ve delivered our operator to help make CockroachDB the easiest and most effective database available for Kubernetes.

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k8s deployment

Deploy a secure cluster and automate basic configurations

k8s deployment

Simply scale your cluster without manual process

k8s deployment
Rolling Upgrades

Upgrade CockroachDB and apply security patches without downtime

What workloads are right for CockroachDB?

CockroachDB allows you to build data-intensive applications with greater efficiency. It is the database of choice for your modern workloads running in the cloud and is in production, serving global (and local) data to thousands of breakthrough applications.

General Purpose

Trust CockroachDB as the primary data store for even the most mundane apps and services

System of

Store and process mission-critical data with limitless scale, guaranteed uptime and correctness


Manage transactional data and perform basic analytics in the database

Get started

There are many ways to get started with CockroachDB. You can download from our git repo and roll your own, or use one of the following to simplify your deployment. As always we are here to help in our public slack channel and in the community.