CockroachDB:The Definitive Guide

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Whether building from scratch or rearchitecting an existing app, modern distributed applications need a distributed database. This essential reference guide to CockroachDB, the world’s most evolved distributed SQL database, shows how to architect apps for effortless scale, bulletproof resilience, and low-latency performance for users anywhere.

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Dive into the core concepts of distributed SQL, then explore the architecture and capabilities of CockroachDB, including its suitable use cases. Follow a step-by-step guide to getting started, both with a local installation and Cockroach Labs’ free cloud service, before finishing up with a walkthrough of CockroachDB’s SQL dialect.

  • Chapter 1: Why Name a Database After Cockroaches?
  • Chapter 2: CockroachDB Architecture
  • Chapter 3: Getting Started
  • Chapter 4: CockroachDB SQL

Learn the fundamentals of CockroachDB schema design. Then work through application design and implementation, as well as integration with and/or migration from other databases. Finally, practice working with data in CockroachDB, including managing transactions, exploring change data capture, and building SQL tuning skills.

  • Chapter 5: CockroachDB Schema Design
  • Chapter 6: Application Design & Implementation
  • Chapter 7: Application Migration & Integration
  • Chapter 8: SQL Tuning

The final section covers releasing your brand-new CockroachDB application into the wild. Learn how to master the planning and execution of single- and multi-region deployments. Essential topics include backup and disaster recovery; security; monitoring, administration, and troubleshooting; and cluster optimization.

  • Chapter 9: Planning a Deployment
  • Chapter 10: Single-Region Deployment
  • Chapter 11: Multi-Region Deployment
  • Chapter 12: Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Chapter 13: Security
  • Chapter 14: Administration & Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 15: Cluster Optimization

Practical guidance for architects and engineers

Design and build applications for distributed infrastructure, including data modeling and schema design

Plan a CockroachDB deployment for resiliency and lowest possible latency across single-region and multi-region clusters

Migrate data into CockroachDB using the PostgreSQL wire protocol

Secure, monitor, and optimize your CockroachDB deployment

Read and write data and run ACID transactions across distributed infrastructure

About the Authors

Guy Harrison is the CTO of Southbank Software and author of Next Generation Databases, Oracle Performance Survival Guide, and MySQL Stored Procedure Programming.

Jesse Seldess is the VP of Education at Cockroach Labs. He is also a poet and his latest work SEVERAL ROTATIONS stores its code-generated final section in CockroachDB.

Ben Darnell is the co-founder and Chief Architect at Cockroach Labs, where he built the distributed consensus protocols that underpin CockroachDB’s transactional model.

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